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Most people today have work or school to go to, and you cannot just easily miss a day, unless you have a good excuse to do so. During the winter months, people will get sick regularly, and they may need to take some fraud physician document for their job, or miss a few days of school. People can easily get sick in the cold winter months, but many are not allowed to take time off, even if they are visibly sick. If you are required to give excuses, before you can get a sick day off of work or school, then you may need help. Any job or school may require that a person must have a fake doctors note, before they can stay home sick. Although you may end up sick, before you get to see the fraud dr form, in order to continue staying home, the note will be required. Not everyone is free to go and see a phoney doctor when they need to, even if they are very sick. You may just have body aches and the sniffles, meaning you just want to stay home, in order to feel better. If an employer or school is requiring a note, then you may need help.
Although the best idea is to go to your doctor and get a scam note, in order to miss a day of work or school, there is an alternative. You can search online, for the templates of the notes that a doctor would give to their patients. The template would be an example of a doctors note, and they can be changed to fit your specific situation. Once you print off the phoney note, you can turn it in, and get the time off that you need. The note will look legitimate, and no employer or school will be able to tell that a real doctor didn't sign the fake slip for you. You'll be able to take time off of school or work, in order to feel better